Short history of M.U.K.A Project
M.U.K.A. Project (Most United Knowledgeable Artists) was founded in Johannesburg by a group of young people who found themselves homeless in the chaos at the end of apartheid. In 1995 they came together under the leadership of Peter M. Ndebeleand began creating Theatre pieces to perform on the streets, Schools, Churches, Community centers, Theatre houses etc.
Today M.U.K.A. Projectstages original performances tackling social issues and also organises training projects/workshops to help the communities to use creative arts as an avenue to escape desperation.
During these past few years M.U.K.A. Projecthas progressed up to an unexpected stage that since 1998 we have toured U.S.A, Germany, England, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland and Zimbabwe. Our work has been highly recognised locally and internationally with awards from Windybrow Youth Drama Festival (Johannesburg South Africa) Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Script and Second Best Drama for "The Chain".
We were also awarded with the Creative Excellence Award at the Source Theatre´s 18th Annual Festival in Washington DC, U.S.A. for Roy Barber and Talip Peterson´s musical play "Gift".
We workshopped and developed this production with the African American Artists. Our second international joint production was in year 2000, we workshopped an experimental musical play "Children of tomorrow" Part 1 with the Philippine groups PETA and PREDA and in year 2001 we did "Children of tomorrow" Part 2 with the same groups and an additional of the Germany group "Die Zweifachen" from Berlin.
Internet: [www.g5ive.de/muka/]
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