HAJUSOM! Short biography
HAJUSOM! is the name of a group of young under age refugees originating from West Africa, Central Africa, Afghanistan,
Serbia and Iran.
With the help and artistic guidance of Ella Huck, Claude Jansen and Dorothea Reinicke they have been producing theatre, music and video performances since 1999.
Since their existence, the group has been concerned with themes regarding origin, homelessness, cultural attributes, escape and political discrimination.
HAJUSOM! perceives itself as an artistic statement that tries to intervene in the field of conflict the current migration policy has brought about.
"... what this word means, I don´t know. Hamburg association... ??
A theatre group Hamburg association." Hassan Jalloh/Sierra Leone
"... an artist group of merry people that are a family." Rita Zulu, Zambia
HA tice... from Kurdistan -
has been deported in the meantime
JU sef... from Afghanistan -
has fled to another European country
OM id... from Iran - still in HH,
is a fan of HAJUSOM!, is no longer in the ensemble
Internet: [www.hajusom.de]
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