What Is It That Flows Between Us?
Storytelling from shadow cities
Cybermohalla (Neu Delhi)
Cybermohalla is a 32-month old project comprising thirty media practitioners of varying ages (the youngest is 15 years old), and with different social and educational backgrounds and interests.
What binds them together is their excitement and play with diverse media forms (photography, animation, sound recording, text) to improvise and create cross-media works - texts, collages, posters, print publications, videos, installations. Works are created in media labs in different parts of the city - a resettlement colony in South Delhi, Dakshinpuri (started in 2002), a working class illegal settlement in Central Delhi, LNJP (2001), and the Sarai Media Lab in North Delhi (2000). The practitioners engage with the everyday life of the sprawling metropolis of Delhi to create and build resources through which ideas, experiences and stories can find expression in different registers. The performance is a retelling of these stories.
"Storytelling is the art of repeating stories. Experience which is passed on from mouth to mouth, in the speech of the many nameless storytellers, is the source from which all storytellers have drawn. Stories - fairy tales, legends, novellas - emerge from the oral and flow into it. Drawing from experience - his own, or that reported by others - a storyteller makes it the experience of those who are listening to his tale. When the rhythm of work seizes the listener, he listens to the tales in such a way that the gift of retelling them comes to him all by itself. The storyteller is never alone..."
Walter Benjamin "The Storyteller"
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