c/o Kunstwerk e. V.
Friedensallee 45
22765 Hamburg
Fon: +49 40 390 94 52
Fax: +49 40 390 88 95
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KUNSTWERK is a recognised non-profit association based in Hamburg since 1986. KUNSTWERK regards itself as the starting point of a great diversity of cultural experiments and dialogues. The emphasis of its work is the development, organisation and realisation of cultural projects that reflect social themes in a critical manner and encourage discussions by means of cultural media. The projects are partly developed as KUNSTWERK's own productions, and partly in co-operation with freelance artists or in a close collaboration with other institutes. In particular, KUNSTWERK promotes the artistic projects that have not (yet) found their way into the established cultural institutions. []
Organisation / Management:
Susanne Tiedemann []
Ina Einsiedel []
Christina Heling []
Art Director:
Ella Huck []
Dorothea Reinicke []
Claude Jansen []
Organisation Workshop Play Mas: Metamorphosis:
Patricia Alleyne-Dettmers []