Die Niemands
Crear vale la pena Foundation (Buenos Aires)
"Die Niemands" (The Nobody´s) is not a traditional artistic piece of art but an experience developed in the framework of the Street Contemporary project.
"Die Niemands" assemble fragments of different choreographies, theatre plays and images of videos produced by artists in poverty contexts in cooperation with professional Argentine artists, in the context of the programme Art and social Organization of Crear vale la pena Foundation (Creating is Worthwhile).
This experience uniting the diversity of languages as hip hop, contemporary dance, popular theatre and professional art videos, is also open for the participation of professional german artists and of the audience attending the presentation.
Responsible for the direction of the project is The choreographist Inés Sanguinetti, Silvia Rivas is in charge of the art videos and Ivan Nirich in charge of the illumination project.
Internet: [www.crearvalelapena.org.ar]
Sa-06.March.04-20:00 - [k1] Kampnagel
Su-07.March.04-17:00 - [k1] Kampnagel